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9 tips how to maintain your HEALTH ...

My health is similar to MUSTANG. It is WILD and unchained. Every once in a while, my mustang throws me out of the saddle... I've already learned to ride it ... And if he drops me again, I try to get in the 😊 saddle as soon as possible.

This is an article for all those for whom health is a hobby, a problem or prevention.

Almost every person will go through a health crisis in their lifetime, whether it is physical or mental health.

Here are my 10 tips for staying healthy:

1) A good night's sleep

How many people can't sleep nowdays? How many of them take sleeping pills? Many. How to get a good night's sleep? If I would take it according to the children... There has always been one rule: stay outside, get tired and sleep 😊 This pays double for adults.

Nowadays, we spend most of our lives indoors, whether at work or at home... behind computers and our mobile phones.. result? Less exercise outdoors, worse sleep.

Another factor is our fears, worries and bad relationships... And we're back to feelings and how to deal with them... I would welcome more education about feelings in children from kindergarten onwards.

2) Regularity and daily routine

Even creative people need routine. Especially in the area of our "basics" - physiological needs. We need regularity when we go to bed, eat, regularity of water and food intake, etc. Not following it causes fluctuations in our psyche. Even for small children in kindergarten, this routine is set up for life. It is not for nothing that we have lunch at 12 o'clock 😊

3) Socialization

Every person wants to be loved and belong somewhere. It is said that you are an average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. It is good to have support in these people and to have harmonious or at least "BALANCED" relationships with them. Because it has a major impact on our lives.

4) A Personal Diary

But not just any one. I keep a diary focused on FEELINGS. It's GOOD to know your feelings WELL. To be able to understand oneself and to have the ability to self-reflect. The diary helps me to capture fluctuations in health, relationships, daily routine...

5) Healthy Diet – Healthy Exercise

For me, a breakthrough in health and healthy diet was the American WILDFIT course from the "workshop" of the MINDVALLEY self-development platform. The course works as a mobile app in English and is for 3 months. And what did it give me? The course taught me to think about food. The basis according to this course is a diet that is as close to nature as possible, which is hard to find in today's supermarkets. However, we can get at least a little closer to it, whether it is by reducing the intake of foods with gluten, sugar content, or semi-finished products, ... More on this topic is contained in my e-book: My Manual for Life, which I am preparing to be published in 2024 on my website.

6) Gratitude

Even if we are not 100% healthy, there are always a lot of things, activities, feelings for which we can be grateful. Whether it's a sunrise, a meeting with friends, or anything that makes us happy ...

7) Self-development

Self-delvelopement brings me inner satisfaction, it is my engine... And the biggest "tamer" of my Mustang. From the point of view of self-development, I like Luis Hay (an American writer) the most. She herself has gone through difficult trials in life and has written several books about how she overcame obstacles in life.

8) Beware of overthinking

The brain is our control unit... We often associate it with reason. but you need to learn how to turn it off as well. Whether it's yoga, movement in nature, .. Breathing exercises... Living in the present ...

9) The Triggers

What causes poor health in us? What is the trigger? In my opinion... Not respecting one's feelings and needs, bad relationships, absence of feelings of safety and security, absence of self-development ... the absence of love, the acceptance of life and self-acceptance with all its obstacles and challenges.




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