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Dandelion Meadow

"I'll go anywhere if it's forward."

David Livingstone


"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what are ships built for."

Albert Einstein

... I've always been a dreamer with a desire for adventure,...I like change and distant horizons ...I often turn my dreams into reality, I meet the challenges and it's not always without risk..

... almost 7 years spent abroad, on several continents....sometimes it seems to me like I have lived several lives...


... i remember difficult times when my "ship" was sailing against the current and I found myself in a storm and didn't know how to proceed and where did I go wrong...

and found out ... how little I was prepared  for life...


... even though i had THE best intentions...once in a while my compass simply lost

it´s way. ..

... and I felt like a human being who had received the gift of life, but was somehow missing the package leaflet called: Manual for life :) ... 

… and especially chapter Storm, Cliffs and Navigation :)

... SPECIAL EDITION for adventures people...

And when did it finally turn for the better? helped me ... to realize

 ... that storms will come, and that none of us will probably avoid them in our lives,...


…and that our life is like VOYAGE on sea, where we are  the CAPTAINS of the ship





As far as we know LIFE PRINCIPLES, as we have set our VALUEShow well we KNOW OURSELVES…  is our voyage calm or full of turbulences….



... and that it's ultimately about  our POINT OF VIEW, whether-if we see ourselves as victims of the situation or


With love Blanka :)



written by LIFE :)


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Heading 6
My manual for life


Author:Blanka Šťastová


© 2023



15 most important questions that life gave me 

or my 15 life lessons…



 1. What is life about?

 2. How did I get in harmony with life?
 3. What does faith mean to me?
 4. How did I learn to think positively (creatively)?
 5. How did I find my life mission?
 6. How did I improve my health and got out of the bottom?
 7. How did I learn to accept my emotions?
 8. What do relationships mean to me?
 9. What do I think about love?
10. How did I survive my marriage?
11. How did I became a happy parent?
12. How not to regret anything in an old age?
13. Life and what´s  next?
14. Macrocosm – Microcosm or Life in Context

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