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About me

"The secret of life is to fall down seven times and get up eight times".

P. Coelho

"A smile on my face doesn't mean that my life is perfect, but that I can appreciate what I have."

Julia Roberts



"I am a courious person who likes to get to know things in depth, I love life with its obstacles and challenges.

     And even though I hit the rock bottom several times in my life, I can get up again and look at life with a smile on my face. I believe in life and that life means well with us. ... and that it will always show us when we are going in the wrong dirrection. And that we are the ones who will not listen to his fleeting hints at first and later warnings that this is not the right way.

    I think our experience on this planet is unique and special and who knows if something similar exists in our universe. Only for this we can be grateful. I know that when a person is going through a difficult time... it is hard to keep perspective, to maintain optimism and hope. But what if it's just a test that life has prepared for us so we can become a better version of ourselves and with the gained wisdom we can do what we couldn't even imagine. "


My moving history ....

2012- moving to Czech Republic

​3/2010 - 4/2012-  moving to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, flight attendant - Flydubai

10/2007- 10/2009- moving to Girona, Spain (Catalonia), Ryanair - flight attendant

2007- moving to Sydney, Australia, Uluru,... (3 months)

2003 - 2004 - moving to Vienna - 5 months 

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU)

field of study: Landscape Architecture, within the Erasmus program

2002 - 9 months

The University of Western Australia (Perth)

The Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts

2001 - 2002 - New York - 3 months 

July - August 2001- work stay Cally Gardens, Gatehouse of Fleet, Scotland, a garden focused on perennials - practice


August to September 1999 - working stay Mantymaaen Puutarha, Finland, Turku (farm)

1997- moving - Austin, Texas, USA - Au-pair (7 months)

that´s where it all started... :)








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