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Green smoothie or a touch of spring :)

smoothies are great.... Thanks to them, we can more easily get the necessary

daily dose of vegetables... They can be done in many ways..

... I like the GREEN version, especially in winter it reminds me of the juicy spring color that I miss so much in that time ...


one of the variations, vegetables are good to vary ...

Combinations are many, it is better to use seasonal vegetables.

half an avocado

2 stems of celery with leaves

1 leaf of kale

a handful of Red Chard tickets - sold under this name ... They are young leaves of chard

1/4 cucumber salad - without peel

water - as needed, depending on what density you want to have

We can add a piece of ginger (1x2 cm) or 1/4 lemon or green apple - for a better and more pronounced taste

Everything is blended in a blender and we're done

Smoothie is best fresh, we can store it in the fridge max. 1 day, after taking it out of the fridge let it warm up to room temperature. We drink slowly...


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