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My places ... White Carpathians ...

... if I had to choose my TOP 1 most popular place in Czech Republic..

it would be the White Carpathians .. the region of Žítková, well known for the Žítková Goddesses ...

A beautiful landscape, wild, untamed, on a scale exceeding man...

There I still feel that nature was, is and will be ... I feel AT HOME there like nowhere

elsewhere in the world ...

... my family ... my roots, beautiful childhood experiences in the countryside ...

where we built the tunnels from bales of straw, climbed up the hayloft, went to drink from the springs ... and organized family trips to Javořina - the highest mountain of White Carpathians .... beautiful beech forests that tower into the sky like a cathedral. When you climb up the hills there, every problem seems small :)

Frozen :)

meadows ....

... chat with daisies :)

... from the view of an ant :)

... where the fairies fall asleep :)

... the "Goodess" on the hill

... if I were Amelie from Montmartre... so I swear this is a rabbit :)

... and one more of the gloriole ... or is it Homer Simpson's DOUGHNUT? :)


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